As the famous home of leeches, Zengcheng has a long history. It is also the hometown of hexiangu (the eight immortals only female), reputation of township known as a”± gualu city, lychee town, zengjiang conditions, immortals reputation.”±

Zengcheng County was founded in the year 201 AD. It has been found more than 1,800 year of history. It is situated among such developed areas Guangzhou , Dongguan, Shenzhen and Hong Kong . Its location advantages obviously advanced transportation. Zengcheng has forest coverage of 48%.

Main attractions:
Gualu Plaza is landmark town plaza of Zengcheng . It located in the commercial center of licheng town center. Its Location, literature was a ”°west park”± won”± even gualu”± mother tree to grow here. ”°xiyuan gualu”± is to create a product of the traditional culture of urban high visibility, but also a significant increase in tourism landscape. Because the needs of urban development in the municipal sector in 2001,all old original buildings were dismantled re-building our planning Square meters, is divided into three major functional areas Square.Palza area fountain area and the ”°xiyuan Gualu”± mother tree viewing area.  

Hexiangu views are located xiaolou town of Zengcheng .10 kilometers away from the urban areas. It is one wonder of Zengcheng eight views. Views areas in the total area of 3,000 mu planning, the main attractions include restaurants performed. Hexiangu temple, thousands of immortal rattan £¬ on the top temple of peach, hexiangu tower, hexiangu clock tower,xiangu cavity, television ”°sunu's story”± shooting scenes, housing sin yung:Taoism culture performed by the entire tourist scenic spots holiday entertainment, ecological leisure, business services to the four functional constancies, performing will be building a collection of xiangu cultural and natural landscape with the integration of ecological tourism scenic spots.

Dragon rattan is claimed to be the king of the Southeast Asia . It ”®s far away from xiangu house temple about 300 meters. It has 1,300 years of history so far.

Guteng trunk diameter of 2.3meter for most rough part of the circunference, extension span more than 30 meters, covering an area of nearly 900 square metres, such as rattan Zhujing Long run, inside, the local people called it ”°dragon rattan”±. It flowers in June and bear in August.

Baishuizhai provincial scenic spot is located at the border among north of Zengcheng, Longmen, Nankun Mountain and Conghua Daling Mountain , with an area of over 200km and forest of 130,000mu. With great natural landscape and pretty ecological environment, there are hot springs and lakes under the mountain, forest and high mountain paths (9999 steps leading to the mountain top) in the mountain and waterfalls on the mountaintop (including Baishuixian Waterfall, which has the largest drop height in Mainland China up to 42835m , Shuiguozuan Waterfall Group, ect.) The mountain has clear stream, there are orderly arranged ponds on the mountain (three big reservoirs and one small reservoir), and lying Buddha is splendid seen from afar.
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